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Kristen Rask is the proud owner of SCHMANCY in downtown Seattle with a mission to provide quirky toys, collectibles and original art work to the world. Kristen started Schmancy in September 2004. 

Kristen is also the founder and curator of Plush You! - an annual exhibit that showcases plush creations from artists all over the globe. The first show was held at Schmancy in downtown Seattle in 2005. Since then, Plush You has grown tremendously. With a book released from f+w Publications in October 2007, an enormous list of applicants each year -- Plush You continues to show the world the impressive and boundless possibilities of plush!  Kristen has three other books published, Creature Crochet (in it's second reprint with Barnes & Noble), Button & Stitch (f+w publishing) and Yummy Crochet (in it's second reprint with B&N).  In 2013, two more titles will be published. 

Please contact us to ask questions, place special orders, or share cocktail recipes. Shop our online store or stop by the store to browse items that you can't see online. Schmancy 1932 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98101 t: 206.728.8008 Email Kristen