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Meet Plush You! artist: Denn Rodriquez

Say hello to Denn Rodriquez who had the best summer ever.  Oh man, totally jealous.

Tell my readers a bit about yourself
My real name is Dennise Rodriguez but I go by Denn Rodriguez and my plush brand is OctoKitty. This can be very confusing... no one has called me OctoKitty yet, but there is always some explaining happening with "Denn". I've been creating plush creatures since 2008, I started as a way to bring my character designs to life. My first plush was a mask wrestler, shortly after I did a second wrestler that I now take with me when I travel. You can view his album here

What do you love most about making plush toys?
The thing I love the most about creating plush toys is that there is a sense of discovery. Sometimes I think I have an idea of a creature I am going to make but then during the process the plush changes to be something different and even unexpected. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does it makes for a good adventure.

Is this your full time job?
No. I work as an Art Director of Web design full time. Plush making is a way for me to get away from corporate America and put my soul at peace.

What sites do you look at for inspiration?
The internet in general is great inspiration for me, as stupid as that may sound. Many times I find myself in a page and I may not know how I got there, it could have been from a link or a blog comment 2 pages back. My team-mates at are also a great source of inspiration and support.

Did you do anything fun for the summer?
I had an awesome summer! I went to Spain for 3 weeks, visited over 9 cities and took about 2000 pictures. After I spend a week in a beach house in North Carolina with 5 other friends. This was my best summer ever!

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