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Meet Plush You! artist: Karamba!

All the way from Poland is plush designer, Karamba!  I love her work so much!

Tell my readers a bit about yourself
Hi, It's Karamba! Soft sculptures maker from Poland.

What do you love most about making plush toys?
I am very much devoted to old school work with regards to artwork, sewing and quality. I think the reason for that is maybe because the process is as important as the finished product.
While making something, I enjoy the process, from sketch to every last stitch. I think the key is when I’m producing a piece it’s not just about having something at the end, but the enjoyment of practicing your possibility to do new things.
With each next doll, I'm trying to improve my technique and develop on a field which is given to me by a fabric. For  my dolls I usually use reclaimed fabrics interlined in sewing… fabrics with some 'history' and anti-allergic silicone stuffing.
It's important to me to bring fabrics not being in use to life. I love nice retro/ vintage patterns, and I'm trying to use it in proper context.

Is this your full time job?
Sometimes it's looks like that.

What sites do you look at for inspiration?
Sites/pages of children books and web pages:,,

Did you do anything fun for the summer?
I've brought to life my ottoman. It's alive and making sounds..