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Meet Plush You! artist: MySkipper

Say hello to MySkipper! 

Tell my readers a bit about yourself
My name is Mariella Bowman, a.k.a. MySkipper. I am an artist living in Nebraska. I heart coffee, 70's disaster movies, thrifting and Boston Terriers!

What do you love most about making plush toys?
I love to see how a doll transforms into it's own personality. I kinda fall in love with all my little peeps, it's sometimes hard to let them go.

Is this your full time job?
No, I work part time (grave-yard hours) at a hospital. I think that's why I love coffee so much. :)

What sites do you look at for inspiration?
People inspire me. I also, find inspiration from Tumblr, Flickr and blogs that I follow. There are so many talented plush makers out there!!

Did you do anything fun for the summer?
My son and I went to California this summer to visit family. We always have fun hanging with the fam!

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