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Hello friends and happy Friday! It's nice to still be having a break from the heat. Hope you all are enjoying it! Today we have an interview with Jordan-Elise Perme of Horrible Adorables! These guys are a huge hit here in the shop, how can you not love these adorably colorful creatures?! Nows your chance to get to know a little bit more about the team behind these wonderful sculptures. Enjoy!

Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying this nice and cool Friday! Finally a break from the heat! Today we have an interview with Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land fame! You may have seen her adorable Gnome Rings in the shop, along with her equally adorable Tiny Animal Kits! Get to know a bit about how she got started, what inspires her, and what she's up to now! Enjoy!

Hello friends! It's Friday yay! Time to go home and stick your head in the freezer! It's so hot out! After you find a nice place to cool off and escape the heat, come get to know today's interviewee! Rosalie Gale of UglyBaby tells us all about her unique craft of rubber shower art! A variety of which are available right now, in the shop! Grab a nice frosty treat, kick off your shoes, and enjoy!

Hello everybody! It's Friday, also known as interview day! Today we're getting to know Amanda Weiss, creator of Three Bad Seeds! The wonderfuly soft wooly mountain and animal pillows hanging out in store at this very moment! Read, relax, take a break, and enjoy!

Hello friends! For this beautiful sun filled Friday, we bring to you an interview with Mikey Anderson! Mikey is the creator behind Yarnies, you may have seen these adorable little softies and keychains around the shop. Take a break, get to know Mikey, and enjoy the weekend!