Understanding Feminism and Its Originality

Feminism, rather known as women’s liberation movement, is a doctrine aiming or advocating for equal rights for women. A feminist, on the other hand, is a person that advocates for equal rights for women. Feminism first began as an idea that was thought of radically changing the society as a whole and on its view towards women. It was introduced to provide basic equality between genders and make them find a stable place in the society. This would make sure also that women would enjoy the same rights and privileges that men enjoyed.

Impact of feminism in the 20th century

Feminism has had a significant impact on the twentieth century by bringing women into workplaces immensely. This was massively influenced by thegirl power devouring urge for capitalism and the need for cheap labor and national demands. Women now fill jobs that were previously overwhelmed by men. Women have indulged in politics and are now struggling for the highest seats in the government. National politics and social democracy are now at the most senior levels all because of the social equalities between the genders. This embracement of this ideal of modernity has brought about the significant improvement of national advancements of the continent as a whole

Feminists’ accomplishments from 1870 to the present.

In recent years, gender discrimination has faced massive condemnation because of the steps taken to improve the general strength of a woman since the early 1850’s. Feminists have accomplished a lot. Perhaps the most significant feminist achievement being the fight for women to have an opportunity to vote as well as fighting for their rights to campaign as political candidates. Feminists also quietly propelled the civil rights movements, with people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. This was immensely campaigned for by distributions of fliers to boycott and protest against segregation and the fight against sexual assaults.

Another accomplishment was bringing women out of households to reduce the influence of hypergamy. This meant that women won’t always choose a mate that earns more than she does so as not to influence men to have a negative preference for a higher-earning mate. This helped a lot in opening great educational possibilities to women so that they can be able to depend on themselves in the society in a way that they can’t always be relying on men.

Feminists have generally made great strides to diversify the potentials that women possess and made them have a better place in the society. This has women togethernessbeen a very key step that has reduced the alpha notion that men thought they had. It has made everyone in the society up on their toes to advance nations economically and make the world a better place. Many groups have been formed to give women a voice and still retain links with historical and contemporary feminist activists.